Self Treatment of Foot Arthritis and Ankle Arthritis

Home Remedies for Decreasing Foot Arthritis Pain and Ankle Arthritis Pain

To obtain the best outcome foot arthritis should be treated by a qualified podiatrist. Not only are you likely to have better results than you can achieve on your own, but you are likely to end up with much better protection for the joints of your feet and ankles.

If you cannot see one of our specialists right away, however, here are some self treatments that you can do on your own to decrease pain of arthritis in the feet.

The first goal of treating of  ankle arthritis is to limit motion in the joints that are damaged. You can accomplish that with the use of proper arch supports and shoes designed with rocker soles to decrease motion. Avoid going barefoot – even around the house.

Follow this  plan for 3 weeks. Most people will see relief within the first week or two. If your pain hasn’t improved please schedule with one of our specialists.

self treatment of foot arthritis 1. Use an arch support in your shoes. This will act to decrease painful joint motion by preventing arch collapse. An arch support with a higher arch and some rigidity will work best. These OTC arch supports will not work as well as a quality custom orthotic, but will help. The best one that we have found for foot arthritis is the Superfeet obtained at REI or  Powerstep Full Length Arch Support. It’s semi-rigid and relatively high arch helps tremendously to limit motion of painful foot joints, including the rearfoot and providing some stability to the ankle.
2. Use rocker soled shoes to limit painful motion of the foot and ankle. By limiting motion they are very effective at reducing foot and ankle arthritis pain.   Shoes such as Hoka One One are readily available and additionally provide additional shock absorption.
New Balance Men's 510 Running Shoes 3. Alternatively astable walking shoe with a firm heel can be utilized. The stability prevents the heel from rolling in (pronating). When that occurs, the arch flattens and the bones on top of the foot are compressed together and this can add additional stress to the ankle.
O1003_form_fit_ankle_figure_8 4. Bracing of the ankle can limit motion. Ankle braces limit motion in painful ankle joints. We recommend the a lace up or gauntlet style brace for it’s superior control and easy fit in shoes.
Image result for vionic sandals 5. Around the house use a slipper or house shoe with an arch support. We recommend the Vionic sandals
Image result for vionic sandals 6. Summer is challenging, use sandals or flip-flops that have arch support. Certain sandals such as Vionic offer better support thana standard flip-flop.
Image result for ice 7. Ice the foot for 10 minutes each evening.  Just make sure to protect the skin.
8. Use a topical pain reliever such as Biofreeze during the day.

Don’t live with painful arthritic feet, get back to your best self. For the most effective and long-lasting treatment make an appointment to see us in our Lone Tree office.