Self Treatment of Foot Arthritis and Ankle Arthritis

Home Remedies for Decreasing Foot Arthritis Pain and Ankle Arthritis Pain

Arthritic conditions of the foot and ankle are truly best treated by a podiatric surgeon.  This will often afford a better long term outcome and make symptom management more effective.

If you cannot see one of our specialists right away, however, the following are some self treatments that you can do on your own to decrease pain of arthritis in the feet.

The primary goal of relieving mid-foot arthritis or ankle arthritis is to limit motion in the joints that are damaged and causing pain. This can be accomplished with the use of proper arch supports and shoes designed with rocker soles on certain shoes to decrease motion. You should avoid going barefoot – even around the house.

The following options can be employed at home and if you do not see some relief of pain and symptoms with a couple weeks, please appoint to see one of our specialists.

self treatment of foot arthritis 1. Attempt an OTC insert in your shoes. This will act to limit painful joint motion by preventing arch collapse and supporting the midfoot. An arch support with a higher arch and some rigidity will work best to meet these goals. These OTC inserts are not as effective as true functional foot orthotics.  The Superfeet insert obtained from REI and the Powerstep insert are two of the best we have evaluated, but there are certainly others.
Preview of undefined 2. You may also attempt rockerbottom shoes to limit painful motion of the foot and ankle. By limiting motion through the midfoot they can help to reduce pain at the midfoot and ankle.  There are several varieties available.
New Balance New Balance 860v6, Blue Ashes with White 3. Use of a proper running or walking shoe with high degree of midfoot and rearfoot stability.  The stability through the shank and heel counter can help reduce motion and provide pain relief.
ossur brace 4. Ankle wrap or gauntlet style bracing can also be effective. Ankle braces limit motion in painful ankle joints.
kiwi flip flop 5. Try to use a sandal or house shoe in  the home with midfoot stability.
VIONIC Wave Toe Post Sandal 6. Summertime can be especially difficult to make proper shoe choices.  Sandals such as Vionic provid some midfoot control for such times.
ice 7. Ice the foot for 10 minutes each evening.
8. Use a topical pain reliever such as biofreeze which is readily available online and many local retail locations.

Don’t live with painful arthritic feet. We have many conservative options to help you be your best.  Make an appointment to see us in our Lone Tree office.