Achilles Tendonitis and Back of Heel Pain Home Treatment

Achilles tendinitis is pain occurring at the back of the heel and calf. It is usually but not always associated with activity.  It can be serious in some cases and occasionally may lead to a rupture of the tendon.

Our specialists recommend an evaluation, but if you cannot make it in quickly the following are some recommendations you may try.

Try the following options or make an appointment:

achilles tendonitis home treatment and back of heel pain home treatment 1. Use a Achilles heel guard to protect the tendon from pressure and friction in shoes.
O1200-NS1B-4B 2. Use a night splint  at while resting or better yet while sleeping.  This can help reduce morning pain and speed over all recovery.
O1202_BAT 3. Aggressive immobilization can be very beneficial as well.  Utilization of a walking boot may be attempted to accomplish this goal.  You may obtain one from our partner store online at: darco body armor
heel lift 4. Use heel lifts to reduce the stretch applied.  We only recommend doing this for short term relief as this may cause shortening of the tendon if used for extended periods of time.
O9996_controlfull 5. Throughout the day use adequate support of the rearfoot and midfoot with either a custom orthotic or OTC device. We recommend the Powerstep insert. This OTC device and the Superfeet from REI are two of the best to provide adequate arch support and heel stabilization.
active wrap 6. Apply ice to the site on a regular basis.  You may use a frozen bag of peas, ice pack, or for more comfort and fit try: Active Wrap foot and ankle
biofreeze 7.  Biofreeze Gel  can assist in temporary pain relief during and after stretching .
pro stretch 8. Stretching at least once a day.  Use our handy Stretching instructions. This ProStretch device at left can aid in stretching.
orthaheel walker shoe 9. In addition to a stable shoe insert or custom orthotic a supportive shoe is also key for many foot alignment issues such as Achilles tendinitis.  You may try your local running shoe store or try Orthofeet Shoes for Women and Orthofeet Shoes for Men.  Each of these shoes provides a superior level of support and control.

Early treatment is key.  Begin this regiment or schedule to see us today!  The items you order should arrive promptly and please begin using them quickly for best results.  The products from should arrive in just a couple of days.

Regardless, see your foot and ankle specialist right away before the tendon is permanently damaged and at a point which the tendon requires surgery. If you are in the Lone Tree? Denver metro area, you can make an appointment to see us in our office. Call today for an evaluation in our convenient Lone Tree office.