How to Cut Thick Toenails and Make Toenails Thin

One of the most common concerns in our Lone Tree podiatry clinic is how to trim thick and/or fungal nails. The very best way to clip thick toenails to help the nails look normal and thin is explained below. By following the instructions in our podiatrist’s guide to cutting thick and / or fungal nails you can have a nearly normal thickness toenail.

If you have nail problems not relieved by the suggestions below, call 303-662-1600 or use our Contact Us Section to schedule an appointment to get conservative treatment options that will relieve your pain.

Instructions to Trim Thick Toenails:

  1. Get the right tools. This is critical – the right tools make for an easy job trimming even the most difficult nails
  • Cut Nails Pedinova Nail SmootherNail Grinding Tool: The most effective, albeit not least expensive options is the Pedinova electric foot care kit.  It can be found through online retailers, such as
  • cut nails heavyduty nail trimmer-nippersHeavy duty toenail clippers:  Only use toenail clippers – don’t try to thin thick toenails with fingernail clippers.  There are several varieties available for varying costs.  Curved and straight options are also available.  For those with arthritis a ‘double action’ option is available for easier cutting of especially thickened nails.
  1. Soak your toes in warm water for five to 10 minutes. This will help soften the nail and allow you to more easily cut the thick nail.
  2. Softening gels which often contain urea may be used to ease the trimming and sanding of the nails.
  3.  If these options are ineffective, please don’t hesitate to call our office for suggestions and options.